Safeguarding is “to ensure that children are not just safe from harm, but are being cared for appropriately, by the right people in the right way.” 

All organisations must be responsible for keeping children safe.  Staff members need to have access to specialist advice, support and information. We provide specialised support and services to professionals, organisations and families to ensure that  safeguarding are effectively implemented and monitored.

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Policy & Procedures

The fundamental key issue is children need to be safe.


Article 19 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) requires Ireland needs to be protecting and supporting children. State Parties shall take all appropriate legislative, administrative, social and educational measures to protect the child from all forms of physical or mental violence, injury or abuse, neglect or negligent treatment, maltreatment or exploitation, including sexual abuse, while in the care of parent(s), legal guardian(s) or any other person who has the care of the child.


All organisations that are funded by the State and have contact with children are required to have a fundamental duty of care to keep children safe. The first step in achieving these high standards of practice is to develop a child protection policy.


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Quality Assurance

Organisations need to be required to monitor the effectiveness to keep children safe.


  • Policies & procedures have to be implemented;
  • Checks are needed to ensure this is happening consistently with implementation and monitoring need to be required;
  • Clear plans with actions to keep child safe; overseer of monitoring and inspections;
  • Review policies and procedures at regular intervals and revised based on changes in needs, legislation, guidance, practice experience within the organisation.

Services can be monitored and inspected bu HSE, Tulsa and HIQA to make sure they meet certain standards. Many organisations are provided on media for failures. Organisations need to implement their own quality assurance systems. This is a task we can carry out for you.


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We offer a wide range of training programs covering the key issues that impact on practice.


  • We offer open workshops facilitated by trainers with extensive expertise in their field and tailored training events designed to the specific requirements of the cohort of staff at all levels of the organisation;
  • We provide training with safeguarding and child protection, safe practice, managing people and change, supervision, conflict management, quality and risk and governance;
  • We will advise with your organisation to assess your teams training needs and develop a bespoke action plan to meet those needs.
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The Essential Organisation provides expert advisers, independent witness, representation and training services. We are independent investigators and appeals/redress advice in relation to child abuse and human resource management. We are expert advisors in Freedom of Information and Data Protection to ensure that legal firms and clients get the right files and information.


In addition, we provide collaborative practice with expert subject matter and legal specialists. This provides working together with solicitors, expert advisors and peer support and ensures that we meet the full needs of our client.


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We offer a range of full service for professionals and this is what we provide.


  • Advice & Support – All staff who have contact with children, young people and vulnerable adults have a responsibility to safeguard and promote their welfare and should know what to do if they have concerns about safeguarding issues;
  • Training & Development – We offer a number of training products and guidance to support practitioners and professionals and other social and healthcare workers through this complicated and sensitive area;
  • Staff Supervision – Management and Designated Liaison Persons need to be accurate in their practice to ensure the best interests of children and vulnerable adults. Safeguarding Ireland provides supervision for key personnel;
  • Investigations – The Designated Liaison People are accountable for reporting allegations to statutory bodies – Tusla and An Garda Siochana. Professionals and practitioners may need clarity for mandatory referrals.
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We offer a range of full service for families and this is what we provide.


  • Advice & Guidance – Families seek to protect their children and may need expert advisors to provide support and ensure that statutory bodies are fully compliant with the protection and welfare of children and vulnerable adults;
  • Investigations & Complaints – If statutory bodies do not provide adequate support and professional practice, we provide clear investigation for evidence of these failures. We specialise in the following areas with people who have been harmed, and children in foster care, residential, aftercare, parents with children in care and children and vulnerable adults in disability sectors;
  • Collaborative practice – We provide best interests of the client, and support with the solicitor, expert advisors and peer support.  We work with legal firms to ensure the protection of the children and vulnerable adults, and resulting compensation.
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There will be situations when criminal investigations or proceedings against an alleged abuser, who is an adult acting in some position of trust within an organisation. This results in either an acquittal or a decision not to prosecute and remains a concern for the Organisation. Due to this the organisation has to be reviewed and consideration.


Following an initial assessment by an appropriate officer and where an allegation remains which requires further enquiry, it is good practice that the organisation should appoint an independent investigator to carry out such enquiries.  These are appropriate, seeking assistance from the statutory agencies where they hold information, interviewing witnesses, the victim(s) / complainant(s), the accused and others who can provide evidence as to the alleged incidents or other relevant information.


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